Mineralogy and Petrology

Sarah E. Mazza

Assistant Professor

Department of Geosciences

Lab Updates:

  • The search for a laser ablation system has begun. I will be purchasing a 213nm laser ablation system to add to the newly installed Agilent 7900 ICP-MS.

  • Preparing for an overseas move: I am in the midst getting as much lab work done as possible, packing up my office and apartment, and relocating my family to Northampton to start July 1st!

Recent Publications and Press Releases

Tracing dehydration and melting of the subducted slab with tungsten isotopes in arc lavas

• The W stable isotope composition of bulk earth is equal to chondritic values.

• Cold, fluid-rich subduction zones have heavy W stable isotope compositions.

• Hot, dry subduction zones have light W stable isotope compositions.

• Tungsten stable isotopes have the potential to be used as a tracer for slab dehydration.

Earth and Planetary Science Letters: open access article

Cool Scientific Discoveries from Friends and Colleagues:

“The significant reorganization of the early solar system due to giant planet migration has hampered our understanding of where planetary bodies formed,” said Jan Render, LLNL postdoc and lead author of the paper. “And by looking at the makeup of meteorites from the asteroid belt, we were able to determine that their parent bodies must have accreted from materials from very different locations in the early solar system.”